Welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my photography services, my teaching, and my art. I hope you get a chance someday to experience all three in person but the internet will have to do for now. Keep in mind for all it's power this medium over computer does have limitations and nothing beats face to face interaction. So if and when you get a chance, see my work in a gallery, or come to a class I am teaching or even book my time to shoot you in my studio.

March Newlstter

March 8

Kinesthetic Polyamory with Jim Duvall, Kristen Knapick and Sophia Sky

CSPC Annex, Seattle, WA
12-3 PM
$40/Individual, $75/Couples or $35 per person in groups of 3 or more at the door.
Advance prices: $35 for Individuals, $55 for Couples and $75 for Triads.
Get Advance tickets Here

Winter Workshops

Winter is here. I wish everyone of you a very happy holiday season.Here are some reminders of where I will be teaching and appearing in the near future. I hope to see you at something on this list.

December 14, 5:00 PM

Explore Consent with Jim Duvall

This class is a suggested prerequisite for those interested in the Erotic Conditioning workshop scheduled the same day at 8pm.

FSPC Fundraisers

It is Fall. Fall is also fundraising season for non profits. I am involved deeply in a nonprofit called the FSPC or Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. And We are promoting two fundraisers this fall. An elegant night out with sexy servers, art and performers And a raffle where you can get some of that same sexy stuff all year long in 2014.

Fall and Winter Workshops

I am teaching and showing my work all over the place in the coming months. I also have remodeled the studio, and made it much more attractive to use by third parties and also easier for me to shoot in. If you want to shoot with me or use my studio now is the time to book.

October 13

Decorative Knots and Body Harnesses

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, Seattle, WA

Get your ropey Halloween costume ideas at this class.

August SEAF and more

I am pleased to announce that my work is showing at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, August 2-4, 2013 at the Showbox SoDo.

BDSM 101

Entering the world of BDSM can be a daunting task. Fighting your way through all the different labels, techniques and styles is difficult for even experienced players. There is no real book of standards and much of the information is presented as absolute but the next source can contradict it completely. This class will survey all the ways people get kinky with each other and help every attendee find the parts of this very vast subject that sing to them.

The FSPC presents

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seattle Erotic Art Festival The premier erotic art show in North America. I will be showing three new pieces, two in the jury portion of the show and one as a Master of Erotic Art.

April Events

Hello everyone. This is whats coming up in April.

The bondage workshops with Wenona are almost sold out get your reservation in now. This a rare opportunity to shoot one of the best bondage models currently working. Do not miss out, get her in your portfolio.

Sunday April 28, 9:30AM - 12:30 PM

Bondage Photography Workshop : Floor Work

March Schedule and Beyond

Last month was really busy. The trip to Alaska was a great success. My workshops were well attended and I had a great time with all sorts of old friends and made a few new ones.

The Red Room Masque was the annual fundraiser put on by the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. Thanks to a whole bunch of very generous people it exceeded our target goals and raised much needed money to keep the Foundation bringing you things like our educational programs and SEAF. Thank you to everyone who helped, gave money and other donations.


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